A modern approach to infrastructure projects

We help public infrastructure teams drive stakeholder alignment, unlock skills and harness data insight for more integrated development

Leverage powerful technologies to plan, prepare & lead public projects

Drive collaboration, streamline processes and remove bottlenecks by bringing your team, stakeholders and data together. Our intelligent, cloud-based platform has been specifically designed to improve transparency and accountability, while promoting real time risk management and good project governance.

Fill capacity gaps 'as needed' with flexible access to skilled specialists

AI-enabled technologies match project-specific complexities to team capabilities, highlighting potential gaps in advance. It means you get the right skills mix at the right time, eliminating a key cause of costly scheduling delays, while flexible access removes 'peaks-and-troughs' challenges to optimise project delivery.

Unlock intelligent analytics to drive data-based decisions & policies 

Seamless intra- & inter-agency data sharing and knowledge management promotes integrated approaches to project development, widening economic & social impact. Compounding predictability means increasingly accurate forecasting for fewer budget & schedule overruns, increasing public confidence. 

Grow Stakeholder Alignment

Optimise social value and public satisfaction from every project through timely, strategic engagement

Benefit from an intelligent stakeholder management system that helps grow understanding of competing priorities, highlight potential misalignment and make real-time suggestions to mitigate associated risks. Ensure resources are prioritised towards activities with greatest potential to impact outcomes, optimising team and budget efficiency. The power of machine learning ensures constant adaptability to industry best practice, growing team capability with every project. 

Build Flexible Teams

Leverage AI-enabled technologies so you get the right skills at the right time  - from anywhere

Gain visibility into the full range of skills available at every project stage, alerting you to potential gaps in advance so you can align talent to evolving priorities. Smart features match project -specific complexities to candidate strengths and mobility circumstances, producing best-fit candidates for skills, motivation, assignment type and budget – all approachable directly in-app. You get a true cost, time and risk assessment for every approach to filling the role, whether that’s commuting, remote work, short term relocation or permanent hire. 

Inform Strategic Decisions

Turn data into insight to power performance, drive reliable policies and reduce risks.

Bring disparate project data together into a single view, enabling intra- & cross-agency knowledge sharing for informed decision making and evidence-based policies. Connect whole of life data for greater visibility into performance and leverage the power of machine learning to generate increasingly accurate forecasts. Combined, the platform offers an integrated, holistic approach to projects and programmes that optimises economic & social development and increases public satisfaction. 

Our value is being recognised...

We're attracting strong support from leading organisations

"I see great value in Provisita's solutions to enhance the capacity and processes necessary to build alignment between infrastructure planners and those across adjacent industries, like agriculture, that rely on them getting it right."

Anthony SK Morrison, CEO, Chamber of Agribusiness, Ghana & Executive Vice President, International Agriculture and Infrastructure Development Group

Use Cases

Building effective infrastructure is one of the most impactful activities public agencies engage in, and the backbone of any economy. Our technologically advanced platform accelerates development, driving an integrated, collaborative approach to projects from initiation to maintenance.

Hard Infrastructure

Social Infrastructure

Soft Infrastructure

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